Chiropractic – Change for Your Community

In your neighborhood and in thousands of communities across the nation, Americans are answering our country’s call to service & are making a change. You have been taking amazing steps toward change by optimizing your health & wellness. This week our nation will come together in a shared spirit of community, and I wanted to support you in continuing to improve your life and healt

We can help rebuild our country by starting with ourselves. Gandhi’s statemement “Be the change you wish to see in the world” rings so loud & true in our day & age. We know what can happen when ordinary people turn their hopes into real action, something extraordinary blossoms.

One of the focuses for this presidential team is to improve our health care system. One of the ways in which they hope to do this is to increase access to chiropractic care. President Obama stated, “As we shift our health care delivery system towards a culture of wellness & disease prevention, I believe that Chiropractors must play an integral role in expanding access to preventive care & strengthening our public health system.” This statement puts you & Chiropractic at the forefront of health care. The grassroots movement that was created was always about more than an election. It’s about bringing much needed change to Washington and our communities.

Monday is not only the eve of an inauguration that brings us so much hope; it is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day in which we honor the power of one man to bring about change by serving his country. You can help kick off an ongoing commitment to serve your communities by taking part in this extraordinary day of service.

Congratulations in taking action for your health, family, community & our country!

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