The Number One Cause of Pain and Sickness and Disease

Emotional stress is what we generally think of when we think of stress, but there are two other types.
It’s a well known fact that stress can rob you of your health and happiness. In fact, eventually it can even kill you. Most of the time when you think of stress, you think of the emotional kind, the kind that comes from too much to do, or a deadline you’re in danger of missing etc.

But that’s only one kind of stress; there are three different kinds.

Physical Stress

We are all prone to physical stress based on our lifestyle choices. You sit at a computer all day. Your child watches too much television or plays video games for long periods. You are overweight. Your posture is less than supportive. You’ve been involved in an automobile accident. You’ve been through the birth process.
All of these situations cause physical stress to the body that may compromise your nervous system and interfere with the ways in which your brain communicates with your body.

Chemical Stress

What are your eating habits? Soda & chips rather than water and fruit? How about where you live? Is there a lot of pollution, smog, unclean air, water with heavy metals? Do you eat a lot of fast food? Smoke cigarettes or drink too much alcohol? How about recreational or prescription drug use?

Frequent exposure to chemical stressors wreaks havoc with your nervous system and places continued “wear and tear” on your nervous system and your entire body, right down to the cellular level.

Emotional Stress

Economical problems, relationship problems, aging parents, a tyrant for a boss, death of a loved one, a new job, moving to a new location – all of these cause emotional stress. How you handle these situations?
The best way to cope with stress is to be aware of the three kinds, how they affect your life and how you choose to respond to them. You can choose to eat better, get more exercise, see a counselor, join a support group and come in for regular chiropractic care. One of the best ways to minimize the effects of stress is to increase your body’s ability to adapt, heal & grow by keeping your nervous system healthy – the goal of your chiropractic care at Good Vibrations ?.

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